The summer is slowly becoming longer and longer. The first month seemed to go by quickly, due to the newness of not being in school.  But now that boredom has set in, Sketch has taken to running away when he is outside, and throwing tantrums when he is inside.  The days are getting longer, one by one.

I have been thinking about this post I wrote last year, as it really applies again (more so than normal) now. I need to remember to notice the time that I have that is wonderful. To be present in the moment, and grateful for what it holds.

Treasures In The Dust

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
White space may refer to:
  • White space (visual arts), portions of a page left unmarked
    • Space (punctuation), the space between two words of text
  • Whitespace character, a computer character for the space between words
    • whitespace characters, a character class in regular expressions
  • White spaces (radio), allocated but locally unused radio frequencies
  • White space (management), an area where no one is responsible
  • Whitespace (programming language), an esoteric programming language”

I have been thinking about White Space lately, but not the kind mentioned above.

I’ve been thinking of the kind of White Space that is more like White Noise–that background static that either drives you crazy or that is so common you don’t notice it anymore…or maybe you love White Noise because it drowns out some other sounds you would rather not hear.

The White Space I am writing about relates to T-I-M-E.

That four letter word…

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