We’re Going on Vacation? A Social Story

This is a social story I just created for the boys, to help them understand where we are going, and when we are coming home.  Vacations are not easy on the boys.  Dash is known to stay awake 24 hours/day for several days in a row.  He doesn’t seem to mind that, but his poor parents do!

I found a picture online of the hotel, which will help Sketch & Dash know when we finally arrive!

The particular hotel we will be staying at has a pool.  Sketch used to attempt to take all his clothes off  to swim in the giant bathtub, but as of last summer, he would not put on his swimsuit at all.  He doesn’t see why you would wear “shorts” without underwear!


Sketch doesn’t seem like to go on vacation at all. He wants to sleep in his own bed, in his own house. He usually does pretty well until it is time to sleep, then he is ready to leave and go home.

So, I have made sure to mention what days we will sleep in the hotel, and that we will sleep all night!

And, hopefully, being at the hotel with the kids Grandparents, Aunt & Uncle,  and Cousins near their age, will help Sketch relax and have a good time!

In the past, I would have used more pictures for the schedule piece of the story, but considering both boys are reading well, and they have the calendars memorized for years to come (lol, well, almost!) I decided to keep it short and just write it out.  I would have LOVED to have pictures of Mr. Incredible’s parents and his brothers’ family that we will be meeting there, but we don’t have any of the whole family!  We do have lots of video of them though, so hopefully Sketch understands who we are going to see when we get there.

Vacation for kids on the spectrum (and their families) is known to be hard because of all the breaks in routine and the jump into the unknown.

What ideas have you found to make it easier for everyone and more like a true vacation?

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