Collection of Poetry

This page is intended to hold poems that I have written.   I hope to add to this page with fresh poems as God inspires me through my children.


Trading Places (a sequel to Garments, Mirrors & Beauty)

Catching a glimpse of His reflection

I turn around to see

The crown on his head

His blood trickling down

The price that set me free

The scars on his hands

His clothes dirty & torn

For this task He was born

My pain on His face

My sin is His robe

My hurts on Him unfold

I gaze on His face

Amazed at His grace

His passion shining through

Deep love in His eyes

He heard every cry

As my life He bravely rescued

He took it all and healed my soul

He traded places with me

With love ordained from Heaven above

Determined to set me free!

He died on that cross

His life He lost

Paid the ransom due

He rose again

And conquered death

Defeated all sin too

Once and for all

His children He’s saved

Dressed in His clothes, redeemed, washed clean

That we would be

Always together

On earth and in Heaven

His Bride for Eternity.



Empower Me, revised 1/2011
by Merri Lewis

Empower me, Oh holy God
To run the race, the one you called
To forget the past, made wiser from sin
To run to the finish line
Where life begins

Empower me while running the race
To go full force ahead and to rest in your grace
To keep my eyes focused, always on the goal
To win the greatest prize
One more precious than gold.

Empower me to train and gain
All the wisdom for running the race
To jump all the hurdles
And run at your pace
To strive and strain every day
To live and think, and learn and love
To wholeheartedly serve you
Oh Holy God!
And win the prize you’ve set above!

Empower me, Oh Holy God!

Garments, Beauty & Mirrors

by Merri Lewis, 11/2010

It’s time for a change of apparel, it seems

These garments no longer fit

The dark sweats of shame do not compare

to the beautiful garments of praise

My Savior has wrapped me in new clothes today

They are beautiful, made for royalty

It is hard to imagine  how He intended

These gem-laden garments for me

The crown of beauty is on my head

The oil of joy flowing down

As God claimed me as one of his own

The spirit of despair was cast down.

He’s turned my tragedy to treasure

He took my filthy ash-covered self

Wiped off my face and my head and my heart

He replaced it with heavenly wealth

So now I accept his healing touch

The reflections too much to bear

Unworthy, I am but made worthy by Him

It’s time to exit this lair

He’s unbinding the bondage while binding my heart

breaking the links of the chain

With gentle love and skilled hands

He is healing my pain

From trembling to bravery

from fear to boldness

I step out anew on this day

I trust Him with what He has done

And I’m hearing the words that he says

“All beautiful you are, my darling

there is no flaw in you”

Your words pierce through my heart

“Show me your face, let me hear your voice”

I look in the mirror- I fear falling apart

“For your voice is sweet and your face is lovely”

I believe what you say, I am ready to start

Adopting the way that you think

transforming my mind, renewing my life

no longer will I hide or flee

All yours, I am

Now courageous and strong

Conquering strongholds within

Free to be who you fully intended

when you carefully crafted me


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