Tent Time

I have not had many opportunities to blog lately due to training our new in-home supports (yeah!), being in the last six weeks of pregnancy (yeah again!) and dealing with the insanity at Sketches school, which is now over until summer school in mid July!  However, I have not forgotten this blog, and I have actually been collecting treasures to post about so when I have the time to write them out, you won’t have missed a thing!  In the meantime, I thought I’d repost an old favorite from April 2010:

Lately when I try to tuck in Sketch(he’s 4-almost 5!), things have been going more as he planned, than how I intend to tuck him in.  I have full intention of cuddling up with him, maybe having some “tent time” when he covers us both with his blanket and we are silly together. He has great eye contact during “tent”!  It is definitely a special time.  But the last few weeks he has had his own agenda of playing with his cars on the mattress.  He throws all the blankets and pillows off the bed…all the other toys off as well.  He then says, ” Bed, a Mommy!  Here!” and points to the corner of the bed against the wall where he wants my head to be.  Then he pushes the rest of me against the wall so that he has maximum room to play with his cars while still keeping me on the bed. He passionately wants me there, but only if I don’t get in the way of what he wants to do.  His terms only, or he will relocate the offending body part back where he thinks it belongs!!!

And isn’t that a picture of how we sometimes treat God?  I mean, we want Him with us.  We want all the safe feelings of His presence, but we don’t always want Him to get in the way…to mess up our plans, our fun.  All the while, God is just begging us to come under the tent with him and spend time with him face-to-face.  He wants us to trust him with His plans and to know that they are good.  To know that they are loaded with fun and they give incredible joy.  To know that no matter what life throws our way, He can redeem any situation.

This Easter was an incredible Resurrection Sunday.  Our kids are getting bigger and better able to handle different curve balls that are thrown our way, and we were able to sit in church and soak it all in.  I spent Easter afternoon thinking about the depths of love and extremeness of Gods’ passion for us, that He would send His son (that he loved more than we love our children) to take on our sins, and die the death we deserve so we won’t have to…and thinking about the obedience of Jesus to take on the task–all for the love of us–for relationship with us!  There is no other god who loves us like that, besides the One and Only.  How it must hurt Him when we don’t believe him, yet how incredible His joy when we do!

So, lets get under that tent with God, spending some incredible time with our Father, and look into His eyes!  Maintain eye contact with your Lord and Savior.  Tell him all that is going on and wait & listen to his voice in response.  And, believe Him.  He is who He says He is, and He will do what He says He will do!

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