Empower Me, Revised

This is a mini post…a down payment on the one to come, about perseverance.  (Ironically, I haven’t been able to finish the one on perseverance…I guess procrastination will come after that!)

I wrote this poem years ago and recently tweaked it to reflect more of what I’ve learned along this journey.

I hope it encourages you!









Empower Me

Empower me, Oh holy God
To run the race, the one you called
To forget the past, made wiser from sin
To run to the finish line
Where life begins

Empower me while running the race
To go full force ahead and to rest in your grace
To keep my eyes focused, always on the goal
To win the greatest prize
One more precious than gold.

Empower me to train and gain
All the wisdom for running the race
To jump all the hurdles
And run at your pace
To strive and strain every day
To live and think, and learn and love
To wholeheartedly serve you
Oh Holy God!
And win the prize you’ve set above!

Empower me, Oh Holy God!

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