Learning to Hear


Before Sketch had tubes he had so much fluid in his ears, that he couldn’t hear very much.  Sketch heard as if he were under water trying to hear was the people were saying to him.  Once the tubes were in place, he had to learn how to respond to sound.  He had to be able to tell where the sounds were coming from and to learn to turn his head toward the sounds or voices.

It was amazing, really, when he started to be able to locate where sounds were coming from.  I remember the first time he anticipated my presence based on the sound of my footsteps coming up the stairs.  The smile on his face was priceless when I turned the corner and he could see me!

We didn’t know about the autism yet.  There was more than just fluid in his ears that was keeping him from turning toward the person calling his name.

Sketch had to learn to hear the sounds, locate them, and then realize that they mean something.  He needed to know that someone called his name because they want to get his attention, to interact with him.

Is there something that is keeping you from hearing your Fathers’ voice?

Do you recognize it when He is trying to get your attention?

Do you realize that the God of the universe wants to interact with you?

Do you hear the footsteps of God coming closer to you?

Thinking about what I imagine Gods’ point of view to be, we must all seem to have autism at times.  Unless we have spent good time with God, learning to recognize and hear his voice, and understand His love for us –that He passionately desires interaction with us, and turning toward him when he calls our name… we all probably could use some practice in this department.

How about you?

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