For Your Voice is Sweet…

One of the first books I read about autism was called, “Let Me Hear Your Voice” by Catherine Maurice.  It was the title that caught me, since I have loved the Song of Solomon.

Chris wasn’t speaking yet.  He was two and a half probably when I read this book.  How I longed to hear his voice! There were times though, when I was able to get a glimpse  of what his voice would sound like.

Like the time when I had gone away on a weekend retreat.  He was probably 5 or 6 months old.  I came home and was feeding him in his highchair and he just looked at me with his big beautiful eyes and started babbling nonsense to me.  To him it meant something important.  It was like he was telling me everything that happened and how much he missed me.  It was priceless!

Then there was the time at the restaurant when Chris and Tori were around the age of  12 months.  Chris ate his entire grilled cheese sandwich, and said, “Good Job, I ate the whole thing!”.  He said it so clearly that the couple next to us understood it!  Slowly, the words and babbles faded away.  Peek-a-boo skills, I call them now…

When Chris turned 2, he started babbling again.  But this time it was more of a sing-songy kind of babble.  “Unusual prosody” is what the technical term is.  I didn’t know that yet, and to me it was the most beautiful little babble you could ever hear!   How sweet, how precious it was!

Song of Solomon 2:14 “My dove in the clefts of the rock, in the hiding places on the mountainside, show me your face, let me hear your voice; for your voice is sweet, and your face is lovely.”

And all the while we are playing peek-a-boo with Jesus, who longs to see our face, and hear our voice.  One minute we are seeking Him, and the next minute we are hiding.  One minute we are talking to Him and the next minute we are silent.  Sometimes the silence lasts a long time, sometimes it is short.  Yet all the time, Jesus is asking us to come to Him.  To leave our hiding place, show him our face and tell him everything that is going on and how much we miss Him.  And he will listen.  He will love to enjoy relationship with us again. He will say, “Your voice is sweet and your face is lovely.”


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  1. Debbie said,

    April 21, 2010 at 8:57 AM

    Beautiful Merri!! 2 of mine never talked till after 2 either!

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