Chris & the Bible

This post is actually from a little over a year ago, so Chris would have been about to turn 6.  I had forgotten this until I saw it on my facebook account recently, and thought I’d repost it here, because it really does show how much progress this little guy has made, and how deeply our God can reach in order to capture our children with autism (or not!)

“Chris has been reading his bible at bedtime, and writing things down in the notes in the back of his bible (see photos!). Tonight he was doing this and then ran upstairs as if on a mission and grabbed a crayon and started highlighting something. I went over to see what it was and it was Eph 3:20 “God is able to do far more than we could ever ask for or imagine. He does everything by his power that is working in us.” This is a verse that I had told Chris on Saturday that we’d copy down for handwriting practice this week in school. He remembered the verse and figured out how to find it in that huge Bible!!! And the truth is, that I think he understands a bit of that verse from personal experience. God certainly has done more that we could have imagined in his cute little life with autism!”

Always remember to pray for God to reach our children in ways they can comprehend!  Nothing is too great for God.


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  1. Debbie said,

    January 31, 2010 at 1:50 PM

    Dear Merri,

    Wow, the Lord truly prepared both of us. I was an LD teacher and spent all 10 yrs of my”professional” career working w/ children/adult w/ challenges.

    I wanted to share that the Word of the Lord will NOT return void!! That is why we spend the largest part of our day studying and discussing the Bible.

    (I think I told you when we were studying 1 Peter 3:9
    Never return evil for evil or insult for insult (scolding, tongue-lashing, berating), but on the contrary blessing [praying for their welfare, happiness, and protection, and truly pitying and loving them]. For know that to this you have been called, that you may yourselves inherit a blessing [from God–that you may obtain a blessing as heirs, bringing welfare and happiness and protection].

    I looked at all my children who at that moment were all angry w/ my one son(the same knuckle cracker one-LOL). I asked who had returned good to him today….yesterday……, well no one said they had.So I said today everyone would return good to him. They would also do something special and kind just for him. I know he was really touched by this. The next day we did it for my 2 youngest. Anyway -2 months later(-2 wks ago now, he came up to Dale and I and said,”Mom, Dad, I want to save all my $(they have been working hard at doing extra jobs for dad)and buy Navarre(his older brother who ALWAYS has returned good to him)an AT AT walker by repay good to him for all the bad I have done .” It is $130!!! I know my hubby and I dropped our jaws!!

    You are doing a HUGE thing for your children!! Praise the Lord!!

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