Misdirected Love

My kids will often share a wonderful game or interaction with me or Dan, and have a blast.  But, as often happens with ASD, the kids want to recreate the scene that was so positive over and over again.  However, instead of attaching that experience with the person involved, they’ll attach it to a prop or thing that was also involved.  For example, I could play a silly game of cards with Chris. We could have a blast with lots of laughing and fun.  Then, the next day I see him playing that same game of cards by himself–trying to recreate the fun experience and emotions.  He has attached the positive feelings to the cards instead of to the interactions.  He may get confused about why it isn’t as good as it was the first time, but continue to try and recreate the scene by himself.  This is why it is often good to have no props/things but just to have genuine old fashion face to face fun where the object of desire is more likely to be the person.

What a picture of what we often do with God.  So often He will give us wonderful blessings and experiences, and instead of permanently attaching our love to God for that blessing we will chase after that “thing” of the blessing as if it is what has made us happy or feel loved instead of chasing after God, who gave us that gift.   Matthew 6:33 comes to mind, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”  Maybe that is why we are reminded over and over in the Bible to seek Him with all our heart.  Maybe, this is why sometime God has to remove all the things for us to find the One who pursues us so passionately, so that we can direct our love to solely to Him.

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