Our First Puppet Show!

Well, we had an ongoing problem between Tori (6-NT) and Robbie (4-ASD) who share a room.  Robbie tends to get up early, and once awake, is very vocal.  He loves to belt out tunes, or go on a long running dialogue with himself scripting out his favorite shows with all the voice inflections (and loudnesses) to go along with it!  Robbie has no idea that he is waking people up or even that waking people could be annoying!  Tori wakes up to this on a regular basis and is usually quite irritated with her dear brother!  So, last night we decided to put on a puppet show about this situation–kinda like a social story on video.  Tori LOVES to act out parts and Robbie loves watching the videos.  This turned out to be quite therapeutic for Tori as well.  She has started to understand that Robbie doesn’t do these things on purpose to annoy her, but that he is just clueless on such matters and that if he knew how annoying he’s been, he’d probably feel pretty sorry about it!  So, this turned out to be a great way to turn a problematic situation into something fun for everyone!


I just attempted to upload the video of our puppet show, but apparently that is a $60/year upgrade so we won’t be able to do that!  However, if you are on facebook, it will be there soon!

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